Greetings from the President

Greetings from the President


Akira Shirahata
Josai University

Please fully enjoy the taste of achievement in your schooldays that only challengers know

Mikio Mizuta, the founder of Josai University established the university based on the spiritual legacy “to build character through learning” and he said the following in his first graduation speech of the university. “Don't bewail your situation or circumstances in life. Everyone has to take the responsibility to make his/her own circumstances. The poorer your circumstances, the more you will learn from the struggling process”. The founder Mikio Mizuta said it when the university was just built, and the university couldn’t even provide well-equipped facilities and environment back then.
Compared with it, the current students are blessed with many opportunities. However, I would like to call on students to develop challenging spirit by fighting with rigorous circumstances and from which, they will fully get the taste of fulfillment in their schooldays that only the challengers know. I will make sure that Josai University is trying its best to provide any possible chance for the students while raising their challenging consciousness.
I have witnessed that many students are inspired by participating internship, overseas research project, community festival as well as environmental protection activity. Based on the specialty they learn from those experiences, they have grown to play an active role in the society. In my opinion, it is those social experiences that give them an opportunity to make good use of what they have learnt in school and it is also those social experiences where they earn courage, power and confidence, which have a direct influence on their evaluation after graduation.
Moreover, I urge our students to take a global point of view, and it is not only for keeping an eye on what is happening in the world. In order to be aware of the world, it is important to fully understand what kind of environment you cultivate yourself and how to firm up yourself. The lecture “Japan in the world” that compares Japan with the world in many areas shows exactly the way how Josai University educates students.
In addition, I think global issue should be considered as equal as local one. It is a common issue that due to the graying of society, local community falls into decay and the gap between city and countryside becomes more and more overt. That problem exists in each country and it shows that the local issue concerned by the communities is the global issue concerned by the world.
For instance, University of Bourgogne, one of our overseas sister universities is located in Dijon, France. The street has achieved local development taking advantage of its rich cultural and historical heritage and at the same time it is well known for its global industry of Dijon Mustard among the world. Through the study experience and visit in this kind of university, students will surely come up with a new idea of how to put Japan’s local issue into practice. I want to increase the chances for both Japanese and overseas students to think of local issue by means of the connections with many overseas sister universities.
On the other hand, Josai University provides many opportunities for overseas students to attend local activities. Thanks to the communities, it becomes possible for overseas students and Sakado students to interactive with each other. Isn’t it a model for the future global education? Focusing on the community, creating an environment where people all over the world can learn from each other is exactly the university needed in the following future. And that is the place where talented students will be nurtured—the students who lead the next generation.
With an aim to helping students fulfill a hopeful future and enjoying the joy and energy in everyday life, Josai University will continue the training on full-fledged working people cultivation while enhancing the cooperation with both the community and the world.