Faculty of Contemporary Policy Studies

Department of Social and Economic Systems, Faculty of Contemporary Policy Studies (Sakado Campus)

Tackling social and corporate innovation strategies and problem-solving

At the Faculty of Contemporary Policy Studies, we enhance the problem-solving skills required for society by learning through the experience of internships and a range of training programs. We educate human resources, providing them with the interest and ability to act on the wide- ranging problems facing global society, as well as the full range of professional foundation skills including language and computer skills, logical thinking, and thinking that integrates specialist knowledge such as law and political systems (legal and political science), economic trends (economics), social structures (sociology), and the human mindset (psychology).

Faculty of Contemporary Policy Studies Department of Social and Economic Systems  (Sakado Campus)

Course Introduction

Foundation • Humanities Education
Professional Education
Public Policy
Aiming for a profession that works for the public good and supports people in their daily lives.
Welfare and Medical Care Economics
Aiming for a profession in the medical or social welfare fields to help people lead productive lives.
Business and Law
Aiming for a profession in the finance or real estate field to make safe and effective use of private and corporate assets.
Regional Innovation
Aiming for a profession that creates new community-based products and services in the IT or environmental fields.
International and Cultural Policy
Aiming for a profession that copes with the challenges of globalization in local and global communities.
Global Education
Career Education
Human resources that serve the global society

Professional Education
Enhancing the ability to and to be active in a wide range of fields

An economics education that consolidates basic and advanced skills
Based on orthodox contemporary economics (microeconomics, macroeconomics), the course provides a wide variety of applied subjects including public economics and financial systems, health-care economics, environmental economics, labor economics, transport economics etc.

Comprehensive legal study
In addition to constitutional law and the six fundamental legal codes of Japan’s basic law, there are also courses in administrative and labor law. It is possible to attend classes in all these law subjects, which are normally studied at the law department.

Policy studies that integrate professional knowledge
Many of the complex problems you study at university cannot be solved with a single solution. Reality can be quite different from what is presented in your textbooks. Policy Studies perceive the multifaceted social issues and guide you toward solutions. It is the source that can give you the confidence to be an active participant in society.

Acquire practical skills in project-style seminars
Policy seminars that promote group-based surveys and research on specific topics start in the third year. Students utilize the knowledge and experience they have gained at the university to engage with a range of contemporary social issues.

Broad-based study of sociology, psychology, economics and related fields
For fields such as environment, urban areas and international relations, which contain important contemporary themes, students can take complementary  courses in sociology, psychology and management, as well as courses in economics and law, in order to broaden their abilities to view today’s multi-faceted social problems from a multi-disciplinary perspective.

Obtaining ‘useable’ qualifications and strategies for employment examinations 

Qualifications awarded by the Faculty

○ Junior High School First Class Teaching License (Social Studies)
○ High School First Class Teaching License (Civic Studies)
○ Basic Qualification for Sports Instructors    
○ Health and Fitness Instructor
○ Real Estate Transaction Specialist
○ Financial Planner  
○ IT Passport
○ News Proficiency Test      
○ Privacy Officer
○ Licensed Social Insurance Consultant    
○ Bookkeeper Certification Level 1-3
○ Justice Study Test    
○ Notary Public   
○ Medical Administration
○ Secretarial Proficiency Test    
○ Retail Sales
○ Training for Novice Caregivers