Department of Business Administration, Josai Junior College [Josai Base College]

Department of Business Administration, Josai Junior College [Josai Base College] (Sakado Campus/ Tokyo Kioicho Campus)

Employment, transfer credits, further schooling. Learn the business basics at Josai Junior College in two years

Josai Base College is a new style of college that teaches students the basic skills for participation in society. The College responds to broad-based learning needs with a varied curriculum for students who would like to acquire basic knowledge, practical skills and a broad education over a period of two years, or for students who are considering enrollment or transfer to a four-year university course.

The two campuses

Sakado Campus
At the Sakado Campus, the Josai University and Josai Junior College share the same facilities including the library, the canteen, the cafeteria, the grounds, and the gymnasium. Many students are active in clubs. A shuttle bus is available for students to and from Hanno and Komagawa stations.


Tokyo Kioicho Campus
Students at Josai Base College can study at the Sakado Campus in Saitama, and also at the Tokyo Kioicho Campus in the city center. Students can graduate from the Kioicho Campus in two years.


Studying together at Josai University and Josai International University

Seamless enrollment and further schooling in the 4-year university system

Faculties and departments where enrollment and further schooling are possible
Josai University
○Faculty of Economics

A traditional faculty dating back to the foundation of Josai University. Large numbers of students enroll here after Junior College.
○Faculty of Contemporary Policy Studies
A full range of courses covering areas considered necessary for society in the future. Shares the same building with the Junior College and some courses use the same system of units as the junior college.
○Faculty of Management
The course content at this faculty is similar to the Junior College, so many students enroll here. Credits earned at the Junior College count toward graduation.
○Faculty of Science
It is also possible to continue schooling at the Department of Mathematics or the Department of Chemistry at the Faculty of Science. Career Discovery  II (Dyeing), one of the Junior College seminars, is held in a laboratory at the Department of Chemistry.

Josai International University
The Faculty of Management & Information Sciences and a part of the Faculty of Media Studies are located at the Kioicho Campus. The international university offers many faculties that are not available at Josai University in Sakado, so students can enroll in the one that suits them best. At university transfer credits, students from Josai Junior College are awarded 40 credits.
○Faculty of Nursing    
○Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
○Faculty of Social Work Studies   
○Faculty of Social and Environmental Studies
○Faculty of Management & Information Sciences
○Faculty of Media Studies
○Faculty of International Humanities (Department of Inter-Cultural Studies/ Department of International Exchange Studies)
○Faculty of Tourism