Language Education Center

Language Education Center

A professional educational organization for the study of practical foreign languages and useful language capability

Responsible for language education for the entire university
The Language Education Center is in charge of the foundation of language education for all faculties and subjects for Josai University as well as for Josai Junior College. It paves the way for students in all faculties to acquire practical foreign language skills that are commensurate with each person’s capability by creating an appropriate language education system that caters to the educational content of each faculty and subject. By cooperating with each faculty, language education is offered so that all students who study at Josai University in order to grow into leaders in the global society.

Objectives of the Language Education Center
Ⅰ Practical foreign languages
We train students in the capability to think on their own and express their own views by having them acquire a foreign language that can be used as a communication tool or a practical tool that can be used on the job.
Ⅱ Instruction based on ability
Classes are essentially held with only a few students and are conducted by verifying the proficiency level of each and every  student.
Ⅲ Taking the foreign language certification examination
We will proactively support students taking the foreign language certification examination, among others, and work on an action plan for them in class.
 Ⅳ Support for studying abroad (JEAP, exchange program)
We proactively support students to study abroad. For example, a teacher who is a native speaker of the appropriate language will be in charge of preparatory lectures ahead of students studying abroad, and will assist with preparations before departure so that students are able to lead a productive life while studying abroad. These teachers also provide support after the students return to Japan so that they are able to maintain their language ability.

Language Lounge
The Language Lounge has been set up as a common study room for language studies. This room is equipped with a wide variety of teaching materials that can be checked out for student use. In particular, a wide array of TOEIC® workbooks is available to help students prepare for the Test of English for International Communication. A language teacher is always present in the lounge while it is open to respond to questions or requests for consultation from students. A study group is also held when necessary.
We encourage students who are both confident in their foreign language skills and those less confident to proactively use the Language Lounge to meet friends for group study sessions and to improve their language skills.

Speech Contest
The methods used to test the language ability that has been learned are wide- ranging, such as a certification examination or studying abroad. The Language Education Center holds a speech contest as a way to create a place to publicize achievements made in day-to-day studies.
We assist students who desire to enter the contest both inside and outside of the classroom.