Faculty of Management

Department of Management, Faculty of Management (Sakado Campus)

Educating Glocal Management Leaders

The Department teaches and conducts interdisciplinary research on appropriate management for a wide variety of organizations in society including profit and nonprofit organizations. Aiming to educate ‘Glocal Management Technologists’, i.e., management specialists with both global and local perspectives, we educate the human resources who will be able to create a new society and industry for the 21st century.

Faculty of Business Administration Department of Management (Sakado  Campus)

Course Introduction

Five courses to construct an image of the future
The Department of Management at the Faculty of Management aims to educate management specialists with an entrepreneurial spirit who can play their part at corporations, in administration and at NPOs. With IT knowledge and skills, the analytical power for accounting and finance, and communication skills in Japanese and English as the foundation, we have put together a curriculum to train management specialists for a range of fields by combining several academic disciplines in the humanities, sociology and natural sciences with a focus on business administration.

Health & Sports Management
○Wellness        ○Nutrition        ○Fitness        ○Athletics

Business & Accounting Management
○Finance        ○Accounting        ○Strategy        ○Marketing

Administration & Education Management
○Public        ○NPO         ○Welfare        ○Education

Environment & Information Management
○Ecology        ○Culture        ○Community        ○Crisis management

Tourism & Community Management
○Tourism        ○Hospitality       ○Culture

To deliver the goals for the future

Minimum Standard (Goals for gaining basic qualifications)
At the Faculty of Management, the minimum goal is a TOEIC® score of 400, level 3 of the JCCI bookkeeping qualification, and the basic multimedia certification test, but we motivate students to set their goals higher. We also provide across-the-board support to help students achieve their goals during job-hunting in their third year.
Students who would like to reinforce their basic knowledge and skills in bookkeeping and information technology can take supplementary classes in September and February. Students who attend these special training programs increase their chances of success in the examinations.

Refresher Course Before Certification Examinations
Students can take free refresher courses immediately before the certification examinations for information technology, bookkeeping and TOEIC®. The courses focus on frequent problems and expected questions, so students who take the courses seriously are certain to see results.

Intensive Teaching Program
The intensive teaching program is focused on cross-departmental teaching seminars and MBA teaching research groups. Graduates also attend the voluntary study program and every year there are many successful candidates. In particular, many candidates are licensed to teach commerce at high schools.

Intensive Information Technology Program
The intensive information technology program is focused on ‘Information Career Seminars’. The goal is to pass the exams for the IT Passport Certificate and Fundamental Information Technology Engineer Certificate. The program also provides for obtaining a teaching license for the information field.

Overseas Internship Program
Every year in September, students visit universities, corporations and NPOs for two or three weeks of training in the United States. Students visit various organizations including Microsoft and Starbucks to study American management and culture. There is also a six-month training program at Disney World in the United States.
We have also organized opportunities for training in China, Britain, France, Germany, Hungary and Malaysia.

Urban Planning Specialist Program
By participating in urban planning projects (festivals, events, etc.) or local community urban planning, including Sakado City, students learn about the industry-academic-government structures and we train community revitalization specialists.

Intensive Accounting Program
The intensive accounting program focuses on a ‘bookkeeping school’. Every year, the course turns out successful candidates for Level 1 of the JCCI bookkeeping qualification. We provide guidance for students who aim to be public accountants or licensed tax accountants, or financial and management specialists for corporations.

Career Development Program
As well as internships and career development studies, we also invite professionals from different fields and organize lectures and workshops to encourage students to consider their future paths.