Seiko Building

Seiko Building

Symbol of Josai at the heart of the university
Seiko Building is headquarters for the university’s internationalization activities and its computer and Internet server services, features required of a new age university. As the university’s academic and cultural symbol, it is a centrally managed facility that boasts advanced functions and enhancements. It also received the Saitama Prefecture’s Landscape Award for the gorgeous views that overlook the hills of Chichibu.

Main facilities at Seiko Building
○ Seiko Hall
A multi-functional hall with a capacity of 500 people
Can be used for international conferences
Also used for events such as academic lectures and research workshops
○1st floor: Administration/management
employment department, medical center, faculty administrative office
○ 2nd and 3rd floors: these floors house  the Information Science Research Center, CPU Room and assorted laboratories
○ 4th floor: International Education Center
This is the base for overseas education programs and the international exchange business.
○ 4th floor: Extension Program Center
Extension programs are held here.