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Students first! You can’t stop learning! 【Faculty of Contemporary Policy Studies】

This year, all the lectures of the Faculty of Contemporary Policy Studies Department will be conducted not only in-person, but online as well.

  Both professors and students have shown great enthusiasm as in-person classes started for the first time in a year. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, unfortunately a large number of students are unable to attend the lectures for various reasons, such as being unable to enter the country. In these tough circumstances, the professors and staff members of the Department of Faculty of Contemporary Policy Studies are striving to let the students keep on learning by conducting not only in-person classes, but online and hybrid classes as well.

  “We are conducting hybrid lectures based on the know-how and experience we gained last year. However, I think that it’s tough to do both online and in-person classes simultaneously as it requires a lot of effort.” said professor Kuranari, the dean of the department.
  In fact, a lot of professors had worries whether conducting hybrid classes effectively was possible.

  In response, the Office of the Faculty of Contemporary Policy Studies Department have prepared the equipment needed for online lectures, and recruited online support students. These online support students are in charge of going to the classrooms, preparing and setting up the system, the software and the devices for the lectures. Thanks to their continuous support, even the professors, who weren’t used to online classes before, have managed to conduct their lectures rather smoothly.


  Most of these support students are actually exchange students from the Dalian University of Foreign Languages. Due to their efforts and support, the department is able to assist the exchange students studying from abroad as well, since unfortunately a large number of them couldn’t manage to enter the country as of now. Seeing these students trying their best and working hard to support the online lectures, we can’t help but feel thankful and proud.


  As the motto of the Faculty of Contemporary Policy Studies Department is “Students first!”, the department is working hard to improve the quality of the lectures as much as possible, given the situation. We believe that by striving to improve the quality of learning at our department, we can create a new kind of education.